Share the cost of any subscription safely, from streaming to gym, news, gaming and more!

Easily manage existing sharing agreements with friends and family or find new local users to share and save with.


“The best and easiest way to save on streaming. GO5050 really comes into its own for those expensive but hard to share sports subscription: when you can’t find anyone to share with, just GO5050 and find someone ready to split costs! Can’t wait for hotelshare and sharing the cost of AirBnBs with users travelling to the same destination.” Justin, family head

“As a video editor, editing software costs are a bane. So being able to share the cost with other fellow editors allowed me to acquire more of the software I needed to deliver a better product for my customers and grow my business, all at a lower cost. GO5050 really is a game-changer in many respects.” David, entrepreneur

“I usually juggle multiple subscriptions and it’s hard to keep track of them and make the mot of them. I also never have anyone handy to provide referral links or help me redeem vouchers with high redemption costs like spend £300 get 20% off or even just split the cost of a ‘buy one £400 item, get 1 free’. GO5050 provided the answer to my problems, allowed me to better manage all my subscriptions in 1 place, and also get great tips and recommendations to maximise them. Highly recommend.” Anthony, company director

Share with or without a subscription

I have a subscription

Share your existing subscription by creating a Standard group for users to join and pay a fee towards your subscription plan. You can also manage any existing sharing agreement by inviting friends and family to the group.

I don’t have a subscription

Join a Standard group to share other users’ subscriptions, or create a Deposit group to receive ‘deposit’ funds from other users towards the purchase of a new subscription for the group/div>


Less Cancelling, more entertainment

No need to cancel your subscriptions anymore to save, or pick and choose between sport streaming or the gym. Get all the entertainment you need on a budget. And if a product you like isn’t available to share, click Post a new deal and we will list it.

Custom sharing tech

We give you clear choices and simple tools to exercise your rights. If we collect data, we’ll tell you why. Adjust your preferences in app any time

Share the fun too

Get great product tips and recommendations like what shows watch from users you follow, or from featured posts in the Channel section. So don’t just share the cost, share the fun too.

Keep it local

Sometimes it’s easier to share with those closest to you and you can always find local users to share the products listed with.